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Gus Ortega


EXIT Realty Yuma

661 S 4th Ave, Yuma Az

(928) 581-6465

Agent and Client Relationship

Get to know your Realtor, Interview your Realtor, Be comfortable with your Realtor. If it so happens that your Realtor never answers your phone calls and you feel you have done most of the work finding buyers or getting leads there is the first indication that you probably made a bad choice. Choose your agent carefully. This is how I have helped people sell their home.

  I Gus Ortega, As a Realtor.

 I will help you determine the best selling price for your home. 

• I will suggest what you can do to get your home in top selling condition. 

• I will develop a strategy to show your home.

• I will enter your home in the Multiple Listing System. 

• I will talk with you to review progress periodically. 

• I will advise you of changes in the market. 

• I will present all offers to you promptly and assist in evaluating them. 

• I will monitor progress toward closing when a contract is accepted. 

• I will monitor the appraisal and buyers loan approval. 

• I will immediately advise you of events that may threaten closing. 

• I will coordinate and monitor the settlement process.


The Day of Showing: When a Prospective buyer views your property. Make it look like a million dollar home by simply.

• Mowing the lawn and trimming bushes. A little yard maintenance for curb appeal will come a long way.

• Clean windows and patio

• Open all draperies and window shades during daylight hours. 

• Power wash siding, walkways and driveway.

• The kitchen & bathroom should sparkle. (If you have a pool it should sparkle as well.)

• Open windows one half hour before showing to circulate fresh air. 

• Open all the doors between rooms to give an inviting feeling. 

• Clean/vacuum carpets and mop tile for that extra clean scent.

• Pets should be confined or restricted from view. Eliminate pet odors. Not everyone may share your love of animals. Some people may be allergic to them. 

• Beds should be made & clothes picked up. Bathrooms should be clean, with towels folded and toilet lid down. 

• When you leave the house, please leave it as if you know it is going to be shown. You never know when the right person is going to look at it!

Every home is a dream home to someone. Always remember that. So don't lose confidence and choose your agent wisely. Because it could mean the difference of selling your home quickly or slowly. It could also mean the difference of getting your home sold period. 

A little about Gus Ortega. I was born in Los Angeles, Ca and raised in Yuma, Az for the last 22 years. My family and I have made Somerton, Az a home for our businesses. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people. I have also had the pleasure of helping so many families contain the american dream by helping them purchase their homes. I know one day I will form a foundation and make large contributions to our communities with charitable work. Thank you for taking the time in reading this blog in it's entirety and I hope one day I can help you sell your HOME. Thank you!! Your friend Gus.


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